Chair Elevator - ORIA Elevator
Operating Principles (gear, orbit):
User-friendly operating system, suitable for any crowd.
Just press the run button, stair chair can be carrying your safety, traveling up and down smoothly.
Upon arrival, the chair will automatically stop running.
Energy saving and environmental protection, motor only 0.35kw
Using battery DC power supply, coupled with the use of low-noise motor and transmission, enabling quiet operation.

Track System:
Using energy as a reliable and can easily be installed "dual track system."
Using a small number of dual-rail support structure, so that the product is more stable and secure.
Small turning radius, saving installation area to ensure stair space.
Comfortable swiveling seat and drive system combines perfectly with the track to enhance the carrying capacity of the product.

Operating system:
Travel keys mounted on the armrest, simple operation, suitable for any crowd.
Wireless remote control device can be summoned to the chair lift to any specified location.

Easy installation:
Quick to install, just one day can be installed.
Without destroying the original building structure during installation, but do clean no noise.

Custom design:
Stairs environment for individually designed, customized to meet the stairs, the slope and the length of the stair chair lift.
Stair chair lift conditions in the two top under increased according to the curvature of the distance, easy chair lift stops, to ensure that users chairs down safely.
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